Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is easy to spot; a smooth, lush green carpet, perfect for bare feet and cartwheels.

Healthy lawns are not only eye-catching, they are beneficial and valuable to the environment. A 50’x50′ lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.

Lawns cool the atmosphere. Eight healthy lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning.

Dense, healthy grass slows water runoff, removing contaminants and trapping soil. This process returns fresh, filtered water to the underground water supply. Grass converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, a process that helps clear the air.

Well cared for lawns can significantly increase a property’s value by 15%.

Landscape Design and Installation

Kutter’s has been designing and installing beautiful landscapes along the gulf coast for over 18 years. Has your property got “curb appeal”? Increase your property’s value with curb appeal! We can even provide beautiful solutions to problem areas. Kutter’s can give you a lush landscape that adds value to your property and becomes a place you love to hang out.


Rain is the best medicine for your lawn. However, it isn’t always there when you need it. An irrigation system provides a dependable water source. This system can be tailored to the needs of specific types of sod, plants, soil and for the season. Irrigation is important for a healthy lawn. Contact us today for all of your irrigation needs.


We eat right and take vitamins in order to stay healthy. Did you know that your landscape needs the same care?
We have tailored applications for:
• Weeds
• Insects
• Fungus
• Nutrients
• Herbicides
Join our spray program for a beautiful healthy lawn.

You want your landscaping perfect...and so do we!